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Functional Experience

Functional Experience

  • Over 25 years of experience in the role of Petroleum Geologist/Manager in varied environments and positions in the E&P Industry in India and Overseas
  • 1 ½ years as Oil and Gas Consultant


From regional scale geology to basin architecture encompassing the petroleum system concepts of the quartet of Source rock, Reservoir rock, Caprock and Migration/Timing, worked in the Mumbai offshore area, Assam Onland, Cauvery offshore and onland, Krishna-Godavari offshore and onland basins in India and in Niger delta areas, through the integration of Electrolog data, Wells and Production information along with 2D & 3D Seismic data utilizing workstations ranging from Landmark, Geoframe and Petrel 2007 for prospect generation and identification of locations

Reservoir Appraisal Development & Production Geology
Seven years - Cauvery and Krishna-Godavari Basins, ONGC, South India and Nigeria utilizing 2D & 3D seismic data, wells, laboratory and production data

Operational Geology- Well site Geological Work, Field Surveys
Five years - Bombay Offshore area, ONGC, India.
Field operations in Nigeria (2007-08)

Reserves Estimation, Reporting and Validation

Reserves estimation utilizing deterministic and probabilistic methods using commercial software suites and self-developed programs - Five years in Cauvery and Krishna-Godavari Basins, ONGC, South India. Dehra Dun,Mumbai and Nigeria

Pioneered and ushered in computerization in the Geological domain in ONGC; instrumental in initiating/creating the ‘Knowledge Management’ centre and ‘KM Portal’ in ONGC. IIWS specifications and procurement experience. Avid user of IT technologies. Trained on Promax

Exploration Management

3½+ years - Niger delta onshore basin for a start-up Oil & Gas operator, based in Lagos, Nigeria; Global Due diligence, Technical data evaluation for farm-ins and JV participation opportunities of Global assets

Contractor, Vendor Management & Monitoring. Techno-commercial evaluation, Budgeting, Scope of work.
Various periods with different organizations/departments at Assam, Mumbai, Madras & Dehra Dun, India, Nigeria

Oil & Gas Consultancy

1 ½ ~ years at one of India’s Global Information Technology majors, Bangalore, India.

Techno-economics, economic and financial modelling, PSC, JV

Techno-economic Evaluation and risk assessment of acreages: Onland and Offshore Indian & Foreign sedimentary basins, under different fiscal regimes, viz., Indian NELP PSC and older PEL Royalty tax concession, International PSC, Service contracts, Risk-service contracts to aid ONGC’s global subsidiary viz., OVL in external investment decisions utilizing IHS’ ‘Questor Onshore’, ‘Questor offshore’, ‘Questor Deepest’ for optimum cost estimation and scheduling and ‘Asset’ for economic and fiscal modelling in Tehran as part of Geotechnical team for data gathering and blocks/fields evaluation exercise. Involved for Cauvery and Krishna-Godavari Basins, ONGC, South India and at KDM Institute of Petroleum Exploration, ONGC, Dehra Dun., Nigeria & Mumbai

Modelling of potential projects in Australia, UK, USA, Kazakhstan.

International Business

Global Oil & Gas Acreage evaluation as due diligence for farm-in and participation opportunities in Exploratory and Appraisal acreages and Development projects. Visited Iran, Australia, Russia/ Ukraine and USA.

Corporate Knowledge management
Created Knowledge management portal at KDM Institute of Petroleum Exploration, ONGC, and Dehra Dun, India

Geology Laboratories
Worked in Sedimentology and Paleontology laboratories for Two years in Bombay Offshore area, ONGC, India.

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