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Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, ONGC

Dominic's Career

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, India

03/1983 – 08/2005 Geologist to Chief Geologist (03/1983 – 08/2005)

Dominic has worked in varied basinal settings - Indian and Global, different geographical locations in almost all roles of a Petroleum Geologist
He has worked in Western and Eastern offshore areas, North-eastern and Southern Indian onshore areas of ONGC.

Roles :

Team Leader

  • Indian Basins & Africa group, Petroleum Economics and Foreign Appraisals (PEFA) Division, Dehra Dun
  • KDMIPE Intranet Portal, Dehra Dun
  • Petroleum Economics Group, Southern region, India
  • Wells Planning, Monitoring & Course correction, Southern Region, India
  • Reserves Estimation Group, Southern region, India
  • Field Development and Production enhancement, Southern region, ONGC, India

Team Member

  • Prospect Generation in Cauvery and Krishna-Godavari basins, Southern India utilizing IIWS, Southern region, India Joint Venture Group, Southern region, India
  • Field Development, Production enhancement, Production and development activities, Southern region, India
  • Database group, Southern region, India
  • Well-site Operations
  • Geological Laboratories


  • Techno-economic Evaluation and risk assessment of prospects/blocks/acreages of a) Indian sedimentary basins and b) Foreign sedimentary basins-Onland, Offshore and deepwater) under different fiscal regimes, viz., Indian NELP PSC, older PEL Royalty tax concession, and PSC, Service contracts, Risk-service contracts to aid ONGC’s global subsidiary in external investment decisions utilizing ‘Questor Onshore’, ‘Questor offshore’, ‘Questor Deepest’ for optimum cost estimation and scheduling and ‘Asset’ for economic and fiscal modeling. Visited Tehran as part of Geotechnical team for data gathering and blocks/fields evaluation exercise
  • STOIIP/GIIP, Reserves Estimation of fields of Southern region, India, tasks involved finalization of reservoir parameters, reserves map preparation, computer processing of data, Pattern of accretion tabulation, Effectiveness of exploration reports, other report generation in different forms. Migrated from older Russian-style method of reserves estimation to newer near-SEC complaint format. Porting of data to central processing group at headquarters, presenting and discussing the same at Boards constituted by Director (Exploration), ONGC
  • Integration of Geo-scientific data (well logs, sedimentological, palaeontological, geochemical) on IIWS for Prospect Generation, interpretation and release of Locations in Cauvery and Coastal tract of Krishna-Godavari basins, India. Several locations were released and drilled leading to reserves accretion. Provide inputs for appraisal locations. Evaluate and justify appraisal locations
  • Reports on Geology, Hydrocarbon prospects and Techno-economic evaluations of African basins. Utilization of Public domain information and IHS’ GEPS
  • Development of Databases related to Techno-economics and acreage evaluations of Indian Sedimentary basins
  • Economic Evaluation of prospects and locations in Southern region, India initially using programs developed in Fortran and later utilizing Excel and to some extent ‘Merak Peep’, and presenting results to support release of locations
  • Mentoring of junior colleagues, also in new areas of Petroleum Economics and Estimation of reserves
  • Field Development and Production enhancement for fields and wells in Southern region, India. Carried out studies for optimum conversion of PS and PB category reserves to proved reserves and also leading to planned conversion of reserves to production
  • Evaluation of Blocks offered in Indian NELP bidding rounds, Krishna-Godavari, Cauvery and Palar basins, India
  • Design, Development and Maintenance and Content Management of ‘KDMIPE Portal’ as part of Corporate Knowledge Management initiative, ONGC, Dehra Dun, a virtual knowledge sharing portal. IHRDCs e-learning was also leveraged as part of Knowledge management
  • Wells Planning, Monitoring & Course correction, Wells status reporting, Providing operational geology support, Southern Region, ONGC, India
  • Database formats, Software development of Geo-scientific applications, Cash flow Techno-economics modules. Precursor to POSC implementation in ONGC, Database creation and maintenance of Exploratory and development wells of Assam area, India
  • Well-site Geologist, Operational Geologist on exploratory, delineation, development wells in different areas of the Bombay Offshore area, Assam area, Southern India Geo-logging operations and maintenance- Geoservices, Samega and BHEL units
  • Study of samples of Well Cuttings, Conventional Cores and Side Wall Cores for composition, depositional history etc as a Sedimentologist. Micro-paleontological studies of above samples as Paleontologist at the Regional Geology Laboratory, ONGC, Bombay

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